Anthony Morrison’s Success The Success of Anthony Morrison


Antrhony Morrison

While entrepreneurship has run in Anthony Morrison's family, his parents never tried to persuade him to enter the business world. His dad actually persuaded him daily to be a medical doctor, not a businessman. At age 13 Anthony received his first computer as a Christmas gift from his father. Anthony Morrison immediately began using the computer to make money instead of playing games like most young kids would typically do. The first thing Anthony Morrison did was locate a source to purchase baseball cards at wholesale prices on the internet, and resold them to local card shops for a profit. This was just the beginning of what was to come as he grew older. “It just comes natural to me,” said Anthony when asked how he began his quest for internet entrepreneurship. In February of 2004 his first business was created and launched. Anthony, 21 at the time, was still studying biology as a Pre Med major at Mississippi College a private institution in Clinton, Ms. “Business was rough at first. I had to juggle school, class, studying, and answering hundreds of phone calls,” said Anthony. Having no training or schooling in business he learned everything as he says “on the job”. He continued to run this business throughout 2004 as his only online presence.

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